Implementation of the new university management system

  • to determine what is crucial for the achievement of the strategic objectives of the UWr. Linking the objectives with the owners responsible for their functioning (Vice-Rectors and heads of central administration units),
  • implementation of process management will force the definition of procedures according to which projects at the University of Wrocław will be performed. This will result in the creation of funds specified in the multiannual financial plan for, among others, research infrastructure. Thanks to this, the provisions in the UWr strategy will be connected with activities with specific funding,
  • any management changes will have to include an impact assessment of their implementation prepared by these units. After implementation, the functionality of the administrative and management structure will be verified in order to reduce the burden of administrative duties on lecturers and to rationalise the burden on individual administrative departments of UWr.

Flexible management of the management staff of UWr

  • Definition of the management staff of UWr with a division into cadence positions (Vice-Rectors, Deans, Vice-Deans, Directors, Deputy Directors) and non-administrative positions. Description of their duties by the unit for analysis of management processes, in agreement with the unit for analysis of human resources in relation to the map of management processes, specifying competences within the competence model for UWr
  • every four years verification of the scope of responsibilities of the management based on participation in ZP UWr and the results of the interim evaluation;
  • obligatory participation of cadence members of UWr’s management staff in trainings on legal conditions;
  • introduction of annual evaluation of the University’s management staff

Active human resources management of university administration

  • with the appointment of the Director General of UWr, his/her office takes over responsibility in relation to the entire university for the continuous definition and monitoring, in cooperation with the management process analysis unit, weak administrative spaces, critical points requiring support or maintaining the quality of process service;
  • the office of the Director General indicates the need for changes in the administrative structure.
  • a unit for analysis, training and handling of HR activities is being set up in the Human Resources Department. The new team determines the possibility of using its own human resources to implement recommendations resulting from the pursuit of management process optimisation;
  • the plan to eliminate gaps or weak areas of administration includes staff training or staff transfers between units,
  • the basis for the operation of the new HR management system is the implementation of the competence model. According to it, each position is assigned a set of the most important features which should be characteristic of the employee in order to achieve the best, from the point of view of the strategic objectives of the university, results of work.

Developing principles for evaluating the work of administrative staff and career paths

  • introduction of an annual assessment of the work of administration employees, based on the efficiency of activities in the context of implementation of the strategic objectives of UWr,
  • appointment to a committee to evaluate the work of employees at various levels, both representatives of the management, administrative staff and representatives of clients of a given level of administration;
  • entrusting a consulting company to develop an objective procedure for the evaluation of administrative staff,
  • the link in the Regulations on remuneration and the Regulations on career path and salary increase with the results of evaluation of the work of administration employees and their innovation in terms of submitting proposals for the optimisation of management processes in the context of the strategic objectives of UWr.

Expansion of the electronic documentation flow with optimisation of the documentation flow

  • on the basis of the work on computerisation of the university conducted so far, the scope of electronic documentation management will be fully extended. The majority of administrative activities requiring the circulation of documentation will be carried out using electronic documentation circulation, provided that the applicable law does not require paper circulation (financial documentation),
  • its expansion will be linked to the implementation of a new documentation flow scheme, reflecting a map of management processes, in order to shorten the documentation flow to a maximum of two levels (institute – department; department – central administration; institute – central administration),
  • creation, as an element of the management process map, of uniform rules and regulations for the documentation flow (including the office manual) and subordinating the documentation flow to the process management;
  • an element of the electronic documentation flow related to ZP will be the development of a system based on, among other things, standardized document templates in the university.

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