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Are you a victim of discrimination or harassment? Have you witnessed discrimination or harassment? Report the case to the Ombudsman for Equal Treatment and Anti-Discrimination at the University of Wrocław:

dr Ariel Przybyłowicz

email address:

phone: +48 71 375 23 54


If you:

  • are a victim of discrimination or harassment that has taken place at the University of Wrocław or that was related to its activities
  • have witnessed discrimination or harassment that took place at the University of Wrocław or that was related to its activities

write immediately to the UWr Ombudsman for Equal Treatment and Anti-Discrimination at

In the e-mail, briefly describe how the principles of equal treatment, prohibition of harassment or sexual harassment were violated:

  • indicate the place and time,
  • indicate the circumstances,
  • describe the act,
  • indicate who might have committed it,
  • write about who is harmed and what are the consequences,
  • mention the evidence, e.g.: witnesses, documents or write that you do not have them.


The ombudsman will review the materials you have submitted. He will help you identify the problem and present ways to solve it. He will also help you find psychological support.

Information sent to and the communication with the ombudsman is confidential. Contact is made without any business or organizational channels. The ombudsman supports the reporting parties in each organizational unit of the University.


Based on the model solutions adopted at American and English universities, UWr proposes two ways of proceeding. A person who is affected by discrimination or harassment may use an informal procedure and a formal complaint procedure.


As an academic community based on dialogue, UWr recommends initiating a more conciliatory, informal procedure. At each stage of the informal procedure, the victim will be able to say that he or she wants to move on to the formal procedure. The Committee for Equal Treatment will then determine what happened. The whole procedure will be conducted in such a way that will exclude further victimization.

  1. file a motion for an informal solution to the Ombudsman. The form of the motion is attached below;
  2. the ombudsman meets with all parties in order to clarify, mediate and find a common solution to the case;
  3. if an agreement is reached, its content and conditions shall be included in the protocol;
  4. if there is a violation of the agreement, you can file a formal complaint.

Informal proceedings should last no longer than 21 days and the Ombudsman may recommend to the Rector to introduce appropriate measures to ensure safety (e.g. moving to another group, changing lecturer, etc.). Participants of the informal proceedings are required to keep confidentiality.

Alternatively, instead of contacting the ombudsman, you can also reach faculty representatives, who have the same powers as the ombudsman within their own faculty.


  1. submit an application for initiation of a formal complaint procedure to the Committee for Equal Treatment at UWr through the General Office. The template of the application can be found in the attachment below;
  2. the Chairman of the Committee for Equal Treatment will inform you within 14 days whether the procedure has been opened or refused (you may submit a request for reconsideration);
  3. the chairman appoints the people who will handle the case (the parties may request to exclude these people);
  4. the person shall hear all the parties and make a report;
  5. the proceedings may end in: 1) confirmation of violation of standards and referral of the case to the Rector to initiate disciplinary proceedings; 2) confirmation of violation of standards and termination of the employment contract of a person who committed harassment or unequal treatment; 3) warning; 4) dismissal of the case.

The formal complaint procedure should last no longer than 45 days. The jury may recommend to the Rector to introduce appropriate measures to ensure safety. At any time, the Chairman of the Committee or the adjudicating panel may refer the matter to a mediator. If a settlement is reached, its terms shall be recorded in the protocol. If the terms of the mediation are breached, you may request the Rector to initiate appropriate disciplinary proceedings. A violation of standards may result in measures to eliminate discrimination, unequal treatment, harassment or sexual harassment within the university community. These may include training sessions, psychological support, organizational or study changes, etc.


The project “Integrated Program for the Development of the University of Wrocław 2018-2022” co-financed by the European Union from the European Social Fund

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