The committee holds regular meetings to analyze the needs for protection against discrimination at UWr. One of its current tasks is to prepare guidelines for gender balance and standards for friendly communication, including the use of electronic communications.

The Committee’s work is also concerned with strengthening the competence and cooperation of the appointed equal treatment plenipotentiaries and student and doctoral student safety coordinators.

Recent activities of the commission:

  • webinar “Protection against discrimination in a higher education institution” led by dr Anna Śledzińska-Simon, dr Ariel Przybyłowicz and dr Łukasz Prus. The recording of the webinar will be available on the website.
  • webinar ” Mobbing and countering mobbing in higher education institution” led by Ms Anna Makowska, President of the National Anti-Mobbing Association. The webinar is aimed to raise the competences of the Committee and the network of equal treatment representatives and safety coordinators.
  • webinar “How to effectively address discrimination at a university” hosted by UW Academic Advocate, Dr Anna Cybulko and UW Chief Equality Officer, Dr Julia Kubisa. Internal webinar raising competences of the Committee and the network of Equal Treatment Representatives and Safety Coordinators.


The Equal Treatment Committee has been established. This is another of the measures that make UWr an increasingly open, tolerant and friendly place – for all people in the university community.

The Equal Treatment Committee at the University of Wrocław is to promote equal treatment at the university and ensure that all its members have equal opportunities. It is to disseminate knowledge on equal treatment and counteract discrimination. Its tasks also include carrying out activities when a request for a formal complaint procedure is made (a formal complaint procedure is one of the ways of resolving situations concerning harassment, discrimination and other sorts of abuse. You can read about the whole procedure here).

– The Committee’s activities will concern three strategic areas for the current term: friendly organisation of work and study, friendly communication and friendly space, promoting the principles of openness, accessibility and mutual respect,” says Committee Chair, dr Anna Śledzińska-Simon. “We will cooperate with the Rector’s Agent for Equal Treatment, the Rector’s Agent for Student and Doctoral Student Safety and a network of faculty representatives, as well as faculty safety agents for students and doctoral students.

The Announcement of the Rector of the University of Wrocław informs that the following were appointed to the Equal Treatment Committee: dr hab. Anna Śledzińska-Simon (Chair); dr hab. Beata Cytowska, prof. UWr from WNHP, dr hab. Anna Kochan from WF, dr Tomasz Nowak from WF, dr Martyna Pryszmont from WNHP, Prof. Przemysław Żukiewicz, Prof. UWr from WNS, Jakub Kulpa from the Employee Affairs Office, Barbara Skałacka-Harrold from the International Relations Office, Hanna Achremowicz as a representative of PhD students, Aleksandra Kabala as a representative of students – Adjudication Section. Dr Ariel Przybyłowicz from WPAE and Katarzyna Radke from the Organisational Department were appointed to the Examination Section.

The project “Integrated Program for the Development of the University of Wrocław 2018-2022” co-financed by the European Union from the European Social Fund

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