Partner universities


Partner universities

The University of Wrocław cooperates with many national and international academic institutions. For students, this means the possibility of studying in different corners of Poland and the world and conducting national and international research projects, while for PhD candidates and staff it means the chance to go to partner universities for scientific purposes


Among the numerous Polish cooperation programmes in which the UWr takes part, one should mention MOST, a programme for the mobility of students and doctoral candidates that has been enjoying unflagging interest for years. A new national initiative is MAK, the Inter-University Climate Academy – a consortium of postgraduate studies created in 2022 by the University of Wrocław, the Stanisław Staszic Academy of Mining and Metallurgy in Kraków and the Warsaw School of Economics.

In terms of cooperation at the international level, UWr has signed agreements with universities from 37 countries, including i.a. the United States, China, Japan, France, Spain, Italy, Brasil and Peru. This means an impressive number of around 1,100 agreements with 800 foreign universities. We send almost 600 students abroad every year.

The university is very welcoming to young people from all over the world. We currently have more than 1 300 foreign students studying with us. All degrees awarded by our University are honoured worldwide and the curricula have been approved by the national quality assessment system. Each faculty offers at least one master’s programme and several bachelor’s programmes in English, and doctoral students can explore any discipline in English.


We are constantly taking new steps in expanding forms of international cooperation. We are one of the founders of CASUS (Center for Advanced Systems Understanding), a Polish-German research centre established in 2019 in Görlitz. The aim of the centre is to create, together with other strong research centres in the region – universities in Dresden, Leipzig, Brno or Prague – a strong cross-border research cluster in which scientists from all over the world will conduct international research. In 2021, the University of Wrocław began close scientific cooperation with the Helmholtz Centre, one of Germany’s most important research networks. One of the latest initiatives is UWr’s accession to the Arqus European University Alliance, which will provide our students and staff with many new opportunities for learning and doing research.

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