Research on attraction

In the Department of Human Biology, under the supervision of Professor Bogusław Pawłowski, another project of research on attraction is underway. Scientists have been interested in the question of what appeals to whom and why for many years. So far, research teams from all over the world have managed to establish that features such as the shade of our skin, the colour of our voice, the shape of our figure or even the length of our legs can affect how attractive we are. What’s more, it turns out that it is not uncommon that what we like can foreshadow well for the future in terms of starting a family. In some studies, researchers noted that the group of men deemed most attractive had the best quality sperm. But it is not only men who are subjected to such assessments and tests. It turned out that, when examining the attractiveness of women’s body shape, the ladies with the slimmest waist were not only judged to be the prettiest, but also had the highest levels of oestrogen, the hormones responsible for, among other things, fertility. What our bodies can communicate to us is a fascinating subject. We already know a lot, but there is also a lot to discover.

A project currently underway at the Department of Human Biology is looking for new interesting relationships. If you would like to contribute to science, you are warmly invited to participate in an online survey. The task is to look at women’s faces and evaluate how attractive they are, a bit like on a dating site 😉 This time, men, in particular, are invited to take part in the survey.

The questionnaire is available on the website.

The project “Integrated Program for the Development of the University of Wrocław 2018-2022” co-financed by the European Union from the European Social Fund

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