Grants and scholarships for doctoral students


Grants and scholarships for doctoral students

Young Researcher 2020-2025 is a new programme of grants and scholarships for students and doctoral students at the University of Wrocław.

The aim of the programme is to support the scientific and research development of students and doctoral candidates. The scholarship programme will recognise the candidates with the best results. The grant programme will help students and doctoral students to establish contacts with the international scientific community. It will help them to undertake research at universities abroad and to organise or actively participate in international scientific events.

The programme is financed from the funds allocated to the University of Wrocław’s project within the Initiative of Excellence – Research University competition.


Good news for first-year and long-cycle students. For the best of you, we have PLN one million for scholarships! This is thanks to the Young Researcher programme, which has been set up as part of the Research University. The competition will be held once a year until 2025. Here are the detailed rules.

Students who, in the year of passing the Matura exam, were admitted to the first year of first-cycle studies or long-cycle studies as medallists, laureates and finalists of olympiads or candidates with the highest results obtained in the recruitment process will be able to apply for the scholarships. In total, as much as PLN 1 million will go to scholarship holders each year. Details can be found in the Rules and Regulations enclosed below.

  1. Scholarships may be granted to students of all fields of study in the first year of first-cycle studies and long-cycle studies conducted at the University of Wrocław who, in the year of passing the Matura exam, were admitted to the first year of studies as: 1) medallists, laureates and finalists of olympiads; 2) candidates with the highest results obtained in the recruitment process.
  2. A student applying for the Young Researcher 2020-2025 Scholarship shall submit an electronic application via a special application, address:
  3. The login system and the possibility for students to fill in applications for the Young Researcher 2020-2025 Scholarship programme will be launched on the day the competition is announced.
  4. All you have to do is fill in the form and wait for the result.
  5. To apply for the competition, you should:
  • Register in the system; to do so, use the form for external users or log in using the email in the domain (for internal users, the first login creates an account in the system).
  • Log in.
  • Go to the Konkursy (Competitions) tab.
  • Select the Young Researcher competition and use the Aplikuj (Apply) button to access the application form.
  • Once all the fields have been completed, you will need to submit your application for assessment by a reviewer. The system allows you to save your application as a draft for further editing, but it is not subject to assessment. The application must be submitted in order to apply for the scholarship.
  • Once you have submitted your application, you will need to wait for the results of the competition.


The grants will be open to students and doctoral students, who will be able to use the money they receive for:

  1. covering the costs of active participation in an international scientific conference or international student competition;
  2. covering the costs of participation in an international event aimed at enhancing knowledge and scientific competence;
  3. covering the costs of a stay at a foreign university in order to undertake scientific research resulting in the preparation of a publication or a grant application financed by an external institution;
  4. funding for the organisation of international workshops and scientific schools.

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