Faculty of Biological Sciences

The Faculty of Biological Sciences in its current form has been operating since 2006, but the biological sciences have been present at the University of Wrocław for a very long time. The Faculty is changing with the dynamic development of the biological sciences worldwide – individual units are initiating new research directions, the curriculum and the nature of studies are changing, students are offered an increasingly richer range of subjects and more choice. The Faculty’s offer includes:

– first-cycle (bachelor’s degree) studies in the fields of study: biology (including teaching specialisation), microbiology, genetics and experimental biology, human biology, environmental management and environmental protection;

– second-cycle (master’s degree) studies in the fields of: biology, microbiology, genetics and experimental biology, environmental management and environmental protection;

– education may be continued in the College of Biological Sciences in the Doctoral School of the UWr.

A postgraduate study programme in Natural Environment Management “Environmentalist” is also organised. An interesting didactic programme is also prepared for students of all educational levels. Classes are conducted after signing an agreement with schools. In addition, the Faculty of Biological Sciences at the UWr joins in cyclical themed festivals (e.g. “Night of the Biologists”, “International Day of Plants”), travel events (e.g. “Olesnica Night with Biology”, “Bielawa Night with Biology”), runs an educational programme for pupils “My First University”, and also implements four didactic grants co-financed by the ESF. Student education makes use of the scientific and didactic facilities of institutes, departments, laboratories, field stations (in Karpacz and Ruda Milicka), as well as the Botanical Garden, the Museum of Nature and the Museum of Man.  There are 17 student scientific societies at the Faculty. The research staff are engaged in fruitful cooperation with renowned national and foreign institutions and universities. The Faculty is authorised to confer doctoral and post-doctoral degrees in the discipline of biological sciences.

The project “Integrated Program for the Development of the University of Wrocław 2018-2022” co-financed by the European Union from the European Social Fund

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