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10th National Scientific Conference of the University of Wrocław in Ostrów Wielkopolski

On 17 November 2022, the 10th National Scientific Conference “The Local Jewish Community” took place in Ostrów Wielkopolski. This highly popular conference has been organised for the last 10 years by a laboratory of the Institute of Classical, Mediterranean and Oriental Studies in the city called the Research Centre for the History and Culture of the Jews of Southern Wielkopolska Province.

On the part of the city, words of appreciation were addressed to the organiser and scientific director of these regular conferences of the University of Wrocław, dr Krzysztof Morta. Sebastian Górski, deputy mayor of the city, emphasised that the conferences have already become a permanent feature of the city’s landscape as an important and valuable scientific event and are a tangible and significant offer of the Wrocław university to the inhabitants of not only Ostrów, but also the region. Their listeners are not only from Ostrow, but also the inhabitants of Pleszew, Kępno, Odolanów and other towns in southern Wielkopolska Province. For the last 10 years, young people have also been able to learn about the University of Wrocław, its history, position and offer. Some comprehensive activities such as lectures organised by dr Morta in secondary schools as well as meetings of secondary schools in Wrocław, e.g. on the occasion of lectures organised by academic staff of the Institute of Classical, Mediterranean and Oriental Studies, contribute to this.

The Ostrów branch of the IKSKiO cooperates fruitfully with local regionalists and scholars from other universities with branches in Ostrów or grouped in the Ostrów Scientific Society (Dr Morta is vice president there). On the occasion of a small jubilee, the current conference was devoted primarily to issues relating to the history of the city and the region. New discoveries concerning the Ostrów matzevah (Jewish gravestone) were presented by dr Krzysztof Morta. A lecture by dr Józef Pietrzak, who presented new research on the national riots which took place in Ostrów in 1921, caused great interest and discussion. Łukasz Krzyszczuk, secretary of the conference since its inception, introduced the audience at the Ostrów synagogue to the Hebraics of the UWr Library, presenting new research on a medieval Carthusian codex from Legnica stored at the University Library in Wrocław. This encouraged many to visit Wrocław in the near future and see for themselves the rich collections of the University Library, especially as Łukasz Krzyszczuk has been preparing appropriate presentations for all those curious about the subject of manuscripts.

The good cooperation of the studios of the Institute of Classical, Mediterranean and Oriental Studies with other scientific and cultural institutions in Ostrów Wielkopolski resulted in a commemorative concert, organised by the Ostrów Scientific Society at the end of the conference, of “Songs to words by Zuzanna Ginczanka” performed by Aleksandra Resztik and Katarzyna Ewa Sokołowska from the F. Chopin University of Music in Warsaw.

The project “Integrated Program for the Development of the University of Wrocław 2018-2022” co-financed by the European Union from the European Social Fund

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