Grupa studentów
Grupa studentów


Support is granted to candidates for university studies, students, PhD students and employees conducting scientific activity and possessing a current certificate of disability, certificate of disability degree or certificate referred to in Article 5 and Article 62 of the Act of 27 August 1997 on vocational and social rehabilitation and employment of people with disabilities (equivalent document).

Support is granted on the basis of the Regulations for providing support to the disabled at the University of Wrocław (appendix 1 and appendix 1a) after obtaining the consent of the Vice-Rector for Student Affairs.

All correspondence is conducted exclusively via the domain.

Information concerning the dates and methods of submitting applications is given before the beginning of the semester in the “News” tab. The documents to be submitted are the application form (appendix 2and the current certificate of disability.

If you apply for more than one type of support, you only need to submit one application.

Depending on the type of support, we will ask you to specify your needs:

Teaching Assistant

attach a lesson plan/research plan and identify the teaching assistant’s responsibilities related to the teaching process, research or professional work along with the weekly number of hours worked. The teaching assistant does not support in activities of daily living such as shopping, cleaning. The assistant will be eligible for free support at the Psychological Counselling Centre and dedicated training. Completion of a time card (appendix 3) is required.


Please include your class schedule/research plan so that the Team can plan the commuting schedule. Commuting is done within the city of Wroclaw on the route from home to the classes, to the library or UWr units.

Equipment rental

Specify the equipment or device that is required for teaching, research or professional work. A loan agreement is signed with the person who borrows the equipment or device. The current list of specialist equipment and devices:

  • Reading device Clear Reader+
  • Electronic enlarger Clear View+ HD
  • Writing and reading device Focus 40 Blue Braille
  • Portable computer plug-in electronic enlarger Clear Note+
  • Specialty bulking paper warmer Zy-Fuse
  • Format player PlexTalk
  • Magnifier Compact 5HD
  • Electronic Magnifier with Touch Screen QuickLook
  • GPS for the blind and visually impaired
  • Calculator DoubleCheck
  • ZoomText Keyboard
  • Access Suite Pen Magnification and Sound Program
  • Converter to convert files
  • Magic Plus Professional Magnification and Sound Program
  • Keyboard with removable overlays for people with hand disabilities
  • Domino Pro kit with induction loop and headphones
  • Recording device

Travel orientation course

Describe the routes related to the teaching process, e.g. from home to the Institute, library, UWr units where matters related to the educational process or research are handled. The course is conducted by a trainer in the field of spatial orientation.

Adaptation of teaching materials

Books submitted for adaptation must be related to the teaching process or research conducted. The staff member of the team will inform you about the deadlines for delivering the books, the limits and the approximate date of collecting the books. Each time, before returning the books, it is necessary to check whether they are included in the list of already processed teaching materials in the current book list (appendix 4) and in the collection of ABC Academic Digital Library. After the adaptation is done, the materials in the electronic version are sent to the e-mail address. It is essential to confirm whether the adaptation has been properly done.


Applies to courses conducted by the Centre for Foreign Languages. Specify the foreign language and its level in accordance with the previous placement test as well as the number of hours. If you attend group classes and during your work it turns out that you want to apply for individual classes, remember that the course will be granted for the remaining number of hours. You are required to complete a time sheet (appendix 3).

The academic digital library

The collection is available only to people with a moderate or severe disability due to visual impairment or other disabilities that prevent the use of traditional materials in regular print. On the website you can see the catalog of the collection.


Funding from the Solidarity Fund for Persons with Disabilities does not cover the purchase of individual computer equipment, equipment for medical and therapeutic rehabilitation, orthopedic items and aids, medicines, medical and therapeutic rehabilitation services, integration and social trips.

CONSULTATION AT THE PSYCHOLOGICAL CONSULTATION CENTRE: the request is not necessary. To obtain a consultation, please contact the person in charge of the counselling centre by e-mail:

Further information can be found on the website.

TEACHING ISSUES: the request is unnecessary. The team provides support in matters concerning the didactic process: it consults the unclear matter with the Dean’s Office or the Institute and then informs about the possibilities of settling the matter and directs to the appropriate person or organisational unit. In order to receive support, the matter or problem should be described in detail.

Support may also be granted at the request of an organisational unit of the University of Wrocław in order to ensure conditions for full participation of persons with disabilities in the process of enrolment to university studies, Doctoral School, education at university studies and Doctoral School or in conducting scientific activity. In this case, a letter containing a detailed description of the case together with a justification and a cost estimate in case of purchasing or commissioning a service is accepted.

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