Stop z hejtem

Do not hate and oppose it yourself!

The fact that we do not agree to hate is probably clear to you. Though, it may be worth setting clear boundaries. Does the fact that you cannot hate mean that you cannot have your own opinion? It is quite the opposite!

You are mad at your roommate. It happens. But it does not mean that you have the right to write down what you think about him on the block where you live. It is similar when it comes to the lecturer. That does not mean that you cannot do anything if someone is a bad teacher or does not contribute to the classes. You can, and we even encourage you to do so. Let the year tutor, vice-dean for Academic Affairs, teaching department know about this fact. You can even write private messages to us – we will take care of this matter.


Anonymously, but we will verify your accusations. We have to examine it, and we will. We will react, even if just for the matter of our interest – a university that cares about a good brand. However, we cannot allow “spray-writing on the walls in the act of frustration”. That will not do.

Social media are such a wall as well. To put it briefly, a hater is a person who deliberately wants to transmit a negative message to a person who does not want to listen to it, and that person cannot escape from that message. Haters in the social media of the University will be blocked and their comments will be removed.

If you see hate on the web, do not be a passive observer. After all, you would not stay indifferent while seeing someone hurt in the street. Same here – react to hate. Nonetheless, remember that your comments, while replaying to hate, must be calm and factual.

Apply the FECE model:

F for Facts: Describe what kind of behaviour is considered hate

E for Emotions: Indicate what type of emotions the hate has awakened in you

C for the Consequences: What are or maybe the consequences of hating

E for Expectations: What kind of remedial attitude you expect

You cannot take on the role of a hater! Do not “like” the hate. If you leave a thumbs up or even a “heart” below a hate comment, it is like you are the author of that hating comment.

To conclude: You have the right to express your opinion, but you also have to respect the dignity of others. Do not use hate speech, do not incite violence, and do not refer to Nazism or communism. Everyone has the right to argue while maintaining the abovementioned boundaries.

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